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Made myself a #chaitealatte and its yummy. Now I’m gonna lounge around and watch tv and then read some comics. #TGIF #justkidding #nightin #imlazy

Never let it be said that Beyonce doesn’t put on the most stellar, beautiful performances. Also her makeup is flawless.

Finally getting to watch the season premier of #SoA and I’m not ready! But I totally missed hearing his sexy voice and watching him be all sexy and angry. #sploosh #angryteddybearface #JaxTeller #TellerTuesday #SonsOfAnarchy

Finally get to try out the #LAGirl #GlazedLipPaint and I’m so excited. Not to mention a #lipscrub from #forever21 #pinup #coy #flirt #whisper

Defiled me #birthday #orchids because I was left alone watching #faceoff so I wanted to do something different! #MUA #MUAProblems #MOTD #falselashes #DuoGlueRocks #lorac #milani #wnw #nyx #thebalm #GetCreative #MOTN

We’ve made it! Is the first thought of pride that I have when I look at the nerd community. When on the surface I see how Guardians of the Galaxy had such great box office numbers, Kelly Sue Deconnick is writing not only one of the best comics out there right now, but a comic that is so very empowering to woman of all ages -Captain Marvel, no longer just Ms. Marvel- comic book stores are thriving and places like Meltdown comics in Hollywood is a cool place to be. 
Never has it been such a perfect time to be a nerd right? Wrong.
In the exterior of this community we look put together and amazing, a group of outcasts always willing to include others who want to learn, or already know. 
However, if you are a female who likes to read comics, likes to cosplay, likes to play video games, decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy more than once, we get slut shamed -for costumes that we didn’t come up with btw- we get asked which MAN in our lives is into this, or we get told that we only like super hero movies because the men are attractive -which yes they are, BUT spy thriller CA2 was amazing, GotG made me cry and none of that had to do with shirtless men. 
It’s times like these when I take an in depth look at OUR community that I become grateful for writers like Kelly Sue Deconnick, actresses like Scarlett Johansson who can play a kick ass woman so utterly believable that black widow becomes life goals for strong woman, cosplayers like Meg Turney who go on 9 tweet rants that need to be had, and people like Feminist Frequency who have the BALLS to point these flaws out and take whatever threats -literal threats against her life- and turns them into fuel to keep fighting this fight that has to be had. 

Since my birthday weekend came to a close expect some spam of birthday pictures. But here are a few. Thank you everyone who showed up, told me happy birthday, bought me a drink or gave me a gift. You’re too sweet. I have a few more pictures If you are in any of these feel free to ask me for more. #birthday #24 #eightytwo #thankgodforfilters #musty (at EightyTwo)

Do you ever just love someone/something so much and then they start following and liking you’re stuff and you freak out!? I just did. Thank you @bonnechancecollections for following me back and liking my pictures ^~^ now if only I could get my hands on some of those dresses in a large. #MyStruggle #perfection #DressObsessions #bonnechancecollections #fangirlmoment #momentmoment

Round 4 and 5 #goodtimesgoodvibes #eightytwo #drunk #birthday #ragrets

Round 3 #goodtimesgoodvibes #eightytwo #ragrets

Decided to turn the Tumblr I don't use into my makeup blog. I'm a certified freelance makeup artist and know too much about makeup for my own good.

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